Scientific name of tiger

scientific name of tiger

Check answer of What is the scientific name for Tiger, Peaccock, Ant, Neem, Lotus, Potato.,(),Biology on topperlearning. The scientific name for tiger is Panthera tigris. The tiger is the largest cat on Earth, and is recognized for its beautiful orange coat with white markings and black. Scientific Classification. HomeAnimal Info Animal Tigers. Scientific Classification the origin of the tiger's species name, tigris, which is Greek for arrow. scientific name of tiger Retrieved 6 April NET MVC Bootstrap New. Tigers are nocturnal hunters, and while their usual prey are deer and wild pigs, tigers have also been known to eat carrion. Sunda stink badger M. The specific epithettigrisas well as the common name, tiger, come from the Middle English tigre and the Old English tigras a plural wordboth used for le casino dolhain animal. They appear on many flagscoats of armsand as mascots for sporting teams.



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